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Width, height and depth - is all you need to know, we will calculate the rest.
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Furniture-makers are often faced with the task of designing furniture with the standard model is not a standard size, which entails routine work on the creation of similar projects with minor differences, as well as waste of time to mark mounting holes. The idea of ​​the site "furniture designer" is to automate and speed up the process of creating a model of the project and issuance of technical documentation for the manufacture of furniture.

The average consumer, in turn, face the challenge of finding the standard of furniture, which has a non-standard size or made of materials other than those proposed in the finished products market and it does not pay for the work of the manager, and roektirovschika gager.


Now, to achieve the goal no need to spend time learning the intricacies of furniture production and pass thorny path of trial and error, simply set the dimensions of the model from our catalog and get a full set of technical documentation necessary for furniture production.

Also, you can order the production of furniture in your company, choose the services of specialists, you need (designer, designer, measurer, collector).

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Our advantages
You save on payment services manager, designer and gager.
You do not need to understand the intricacies of furniture production, furniture designer will automatically make the calculations and will give all the necessary documentation.
The estimated cost of the furniture displayed online.
You can create your own design project in 3D, consisting of several pieces of furniture.
You adjust the settings yourself furniture.
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What are you getting
Estimated consumption of materials (particleboard, MDF)
List of accessories
File (excel format, pdf) with the list of parts, marked edge and an indication of the structure - Ordering Service cutting and edging.
File (format pdf) drawings of all the details surrounding the edge, indicating the structure and mounting holes, ready for transfer to the plant.
Assembly instructions
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